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The NYS Vehicle Marketplace is your one-stop shop for government cars (light-duty, class 1-2) and trucks (med-heavy duty, class 3-8). Learn about the mini-bid process you will use to secure the best possible pricing, how to use the website, and other best practices for buying vehicles. 

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Buying Vehicles with the NYS Vehicle Marketplace

Help businesses improve on future bids by helping them learn why another vendor was selected. In this class you’ll learn how to manage the debriefing session. 

This new contract gives you the ability to buy IT products and the professional services needed to install and operate those products. Learn how to use the request for quote (RFQ) process to get the lowest price as you buy hardware, software, cloud, and implementation services. 

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IT Umbrella Manufacturer: Buy IT Products & Services

Whether you’re responsible for dozens, hundreds or thousands of government contracts, monitoring contractor performance and validating requests for payment can seem overwhelming. There are proven techniques that can help you focus your limited resources on those contracts and related terms that pose the highest risk to your agency if the contractor does not perform as required.  Use these proven techniques to facilitate contractor compliance and successfully identify, prevent and recover millions of dollars in fraud and waste.   

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As the Procurement Services website continues to improve, learn tips and best practices for locating the information you need.

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Learn how to use the new IT Project Based IT Services (PBITS) contract to get consultants to help you plan for, manage, and implement a variety of new IT projects. Come learn how you can quickly bring in qualified people to help solve your IT problems. 

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PBITS: Get IT Project Consultants

Learn about what is a procurement record, who is responsible for developing it, why you need it, and when it should be used. 

Procurement Records: Why They’re Important & How to Create Them

An interactive presentation on the RFP process.  RFP concepts will be discussed and the audience's knowledge and experience will be tested through a variety of basic and more complex case studies.  This class is geared to both new and experienced procurement professionals.  

This class includes a panelists from the OGS Bureau of Risk & Insurance Management and COOL Insuring who will address what certificates of insurance you will need, including Acord 25 and how it impacts your contracting process. 

Understanding Insurance Requirements in Your Contracts

If you are a state agency, public benefit corporation, public authority, municipality or a school district you are required by law to purchase from Preferred Sources first. Learn how to purchase goods from Preferred Sources using the eMarketplace, how to get services, and understand the process. 

This session will demonstrate online shopping from OGS centralized contracts in the NYS eMarketplace. Both SFS integration and direct login access for non-SFS users (including all authorized users) will be shown. Join us to learn more about this new way to use our contracts and what it means for you. 

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Using the eMarketplace

State Agencies

Learn how the New York State Public Officers Law applies to the procurement process and what it means for you. 


Learn techniques to help you reach 30% MWBE participation goals as you follow the procurement process. An expert panel will provide you with the ingredients for success to help you understand what this goal means for you and how to meet it. 

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The Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business (SDVOB) Act allows eligible veteran business owners to become NYS certified in order to increase contracting opportunities. Following a successful pilot, the program has been expanded to all NYS agencies and authorities. This class will give an update on the status of the program and explain the processes and procedures for implementation. 

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Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business: Program Overview

Representatives from the Department of Labor, Office of the State Comptroller and the Workers’ Compensation Board will discuss how their agencies’ requirements impact the contracting process with regard to IFBs, RFPs, and discretionary spending. Topics such as NYS finance laws, evaluations, prevailing wages and insurance will be discussed.

If purchases are made beneath a pre-established dollar limit it is called discretionary purchasing. State agencies: Learn when to use discretionary spending and how to take advantage of a higher spend level of $200,000 for small, MWBE, SDVOB, sellers of recycled/remanufactured or NYS food product purchases. 

This course has been approved for all attorneys, including those who are newly admitted, offering 1 CLE hour in Professional Practice.  There is no fee to attend.  Attorneys will be required to sign in and out, and complete an evaluation form at the end of the course in order to receive CLE credit.


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Using Discretionary Spending

State agencies: Learn about plans for the new OGS Assisted Buy Desk and how to optimize EE1 functionality in the Statewide Financial System (SFS), including receiving, e-Invoicing, and lease administration.  

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Local Governments & School Districts

Overview of the exceptions to competitive bidding under General Municipal Law section 103, including professional services, emergency contracts, and "piggybacking" on certain other governmental contracts, as well as a discussion of contracts below the statutory dollar threshold.